#Throwback Thursday: Print on Bump

64 thoughts on “#Throwback Thursday: Print on Bump”

  1. Awh you should have felt beautiful because you are! I’ve never had the pleasures of trying to dress a bump but I’ll imagine it can’t be easy! Lovely post and I also love the outfit you wore here 🙂

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  2. Pregnant ladies are the prettiest I always say! They have this glow going – if they are doing it right, like you! Gotta still dress well and try look as good as possible while your little bundle is still inside of you. I think the dress suited you, your belly & the park so well!

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  3. Wow that’s really daring to be going in for a nude shoot….I am in your state right now and feel it’s so difficult to find the right clothes to look nice and attractive right now….but honestly I have realised I might not look sexy as I could before but baby bump does makes us look Super cute

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  4. This is awesome! When I was pregnant with my son I posted a belly pic on facebook and I was wearing a subtle cheetah print shirt, and one friend posted that it looked like a python had eaten a piglet – this was from a very good friend and totally hilarious. So I agree! Rock the prints and show off that beautiful belly while we make another human being 🙂

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